23-25 January 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
Regional Forum on Bioenergy Sector Development: Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward

Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20080123 Green Growth: Opportunities for Bioenergy Development in Asia and the Pacific Mr. Rae Kwon CHUNG, Director, Environment and Sustainable Development Division, UNESCAP 0101.pdf
20080123 Implications of Bioenergy Development on Land Use, Food Security and the Environment Ms. Regan SUZUKI, Consultant, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 0102.pdf
20080123 India's Biodiesel Programme: Promises and Challenges Mr. Varghese Paul KOTTAYIL, Associate Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India in 0103.pdf
20080123 A Year After: Status of the Philippine Biofuels Act Ms. Maya MANOCSOC, CDM Advisor, CaFiS (Carbon Finance Solutions), Philippines ph 0104.pdf
20080123 Current Status of Biofuels in ROK Dr. Hee-Chan KANG, Senior Researcher, Samsung Economic Research Institute, ROK kr 0105.pdf
20080123 Opportunity and Challenge for the Evolution of Biofuels in the Asia and Pacific Region Dr. Jeong-Hwan BAE, Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), ROK kr 0201.pdf
20080123 Outlook of Palm Biodiesel in Malaysia Dato'Dr. Choo Yuen May,Puah Chiew Wei and Dato' Dr. Mohd. Basri Wahid, Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Ministry of Plantation my 0202.pdf
20080123 Current Status of Bioenergy Development in Indonesia Dr. Teguh Wikan WIDODO, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Development (ICAERD), Indonesia id 0203-01.pdf , 0203.pdf
20080123 Municipal Organic Solid Waste as an Alternative Urban Bioenergy Source Mr. Jing-yuan WANG, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore sg 0204.pdf
20080123 Promotion of Biogas and Biomass in Asia and the Pacific Mr. Alan Dale GONZALES, Executive Director, Full Advantage, Thailand th 0205.pdf
20080123 The Bioenergy and Biogas Development Situation in Lao PDR Ms. Keophayvanh INSIXIENGMAY, Acting Director General,Technology Research Institute, Lao PDR la 0206.pdf
20080123 Biogas Support Program of Nepal: Current Situation and Experiences/Lessons Learnt Mr. Raju LAUDARI, Socio-economist/CDM Focal Point, Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, Nepal np 0207.pdf
20080123 Bio-Energy and Rural Renewable Energy Sector in Cambodia Dr. Chetra SAR, Chief of Animal Production Office, Department of Animal Health and Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia kh 0208.pdf
20080123 Development Status and Trends of Agricultural Biomass Energy in China Haibo Meng, Lixin Zhao, Yishui Tian, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering (CAAE), China cn 0301.pdf
20080123 The Potentials for Bioenergy Development in Mongolia Ms. Purevsuren SARANGEREL, Deputy Director, Fuel Policy and Regulation Departme, Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Mongolia mn 0302.pdf
20080123 Small Scale Biomass Power Plant for Rural Electricity Production in Thailand Dr. Weerachai ARJHARN, Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand th 0303.pdf
20080123 Biogas sector development in Asia and Vietnam Mr. Bastiaan Willem TEUNE, Biogas/Renewable Energy Advisor, Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) vn 0304.pdf
20080123 Next Generation Biodiesel from Algae Dr. Tom BEER, Leader, Transport Biofuels Research, CSIRO, Australia au 0305.pdf
20080123 Bioenergy for Sustainable Rural Development in China: Cost-Benefits and Policies Dr. Gan LIN, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for International Climateand Environmental Research-Oslo (CICERO), Norway 0306.pdf
20080123 Biodiesel Transesterification Plants in India: Overview Mr. Anandajit GOSWAMI, Associate Fellow, the Energy and Resources Institute Development, India in 0307.pdf
20080123 Bioenergy-Opportunities, Challenges, and Way Forward for Indonesia Mrs. SULISTYOWATI, Assistant Deputy of Climate Change Impact Control, Natural Conservation Enhancement and Environmental Degradation Control,Ministry of Environment, Indonesia id 0401.pdf
20080123 Notes on Biofuels Project Development & Methodologies Mr. Henry Hon-Chung WOO, Managing Director, Baraka Global Advisors, Inc. 0402.pdf
20080123 Measures to Comply with the Kyoto Protocol in Agricultural Sector Dr. Chang-Gil KIM, Senior Fellow, Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI), ROK kr 0403.pdf
20080123 CDM, Climate Change and the Bioenergy Sector in Fiji Mr. Vilimone Wairara VOSAROGO, Biofuel Engineer, Department of Energy, Fiji fj 0404.pdf