Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20201118 Safety requirements and importance of safety testing Dr. Sandro Liberatori, ENAMA/ENTAM 1. ENAMA.pdf
20201118 Certification of agricultural machinery products in China China certification and accreditation institute cn 2. China.pdf
20201118 Ensuring the Safety of the Farmers through Safety Test and Agricultural Safety Information In Japan Mr. KAWASE Yoshiyuki, Institute of Agricultural Machinery, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization jp 3. Japan.pdf
20201118 OECD Tractor Codes OECD 4. OECD.pdf
20201118 Welcome Remarks Dr. Yutong Li, Head, ESCAP-CSAM Welcome Remarks.pdf
20201118 Concept Note ESCAP-CSAM Concept Note.pdf