Event Date(YYMMDD) Title Authors Country Code Files
20211117 OECD standards relevant to chemicals used in agriculture: Focus on Pesticide Residues activities Magda Sachana, Environment Health and Safety Division, OECD
2. OECD.pdf
20211117 How to reduce the impact of pesticides Dr. Sandro Liberatori, ENAMA
3. ENAMA.pdf
20211117 Health and Safety issues for a safer application of PPP Dr. Jean-Paul DOUZALS, INRAE, France
fr 4. INRAE.pdf
20211117 Implications of Chemicals Use in Agriculture for People and the Environment Dr. Yuan Chen, Stockholm Convention Regional Centre,Tsinghua University,China cn 1. Implications of Chemical_CN.mp4
20211117 Precise Application of Chemicals through Precision Farming Dr Arina Mohd Noh, Dr Azman Hamzah, Ir Dr Badril Hisham Abu Bakar, Mr. Mohd Nadzim Nordin, Engineering Research Center, MARDI, Malaysia
my 5. Malaysia.pdf
20211117 Safety Application of Agricultural Machinery and Chemicals in China Ms. MA Lingjuan, China Agriculture Mechanization Center (China Agriculture Machinery Testing Center) cn 6. China.pdf
20211117 Effects from Environmental Conditions during Performance Evaluation of Drone Agricultural Spraying Mr. Hirofumi Yamasaki, Department of Safety Evaluation and Standardization, Safety Evaluation Group, of the Institute of Agricultural Machinery (IAM)/National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan jp