ANTAM Technical Working Group on Sprayers completes update of Testing Code


The Technical Working Group (TWG) on Sprayers of the Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM) met on 8 and 21 November, as well as 6 December 2022 to discuss the amendments, edits and updates to the Standard Code for Testing of Misters-cum-Dusters (002-2018) proposed by representatives of ANTAM participating countries in 2020 and 2021 during informal meetings of the TWG. 

Fifteen ESCAP member States participating in the initiative nominated eighteen technical experts to contribute to the work of the TWG. The experts elected as their Chair Dr. Jean-Paul Douzals from France. With the support of Mr. Sandro Liberatori, representing the ANTAM Technical Reference Unit, and of CSAM in its role as ANTAM Secretariat, the TWG completed the revision of the proposed edits for the Code, which will be presented to the 9th ANTAM Annual Meeting for endorsement. The TWG will convene again on 18 January 2023 to discuss the possible inclusion of simplified testing procedures in the Code, and to review the list of instruments and equipment required for conducting the testing, which will be consolidated with the inputs of other TWGs for presentation to the 9th ANTAM Annual Meeting.