CSAM Planned Meetings and Trainings in 2017 

No.  Meeting/Training/Events Date No. of Participants Meeting Location
1 The Twelfth Session of the Governing Council of CSAM 16-Mar 15 Bangkok, Thailand
2 ReCAMA- Launch of Research Paper and Panel Discussion on Regional Trade at Agritechnica Asia 17-Mar 30 Bangkok, Thailand
3 Regional Workshop on Cooperation Platform for Human Resource Development of Agricultural Mechanization 13-15-April 40 Nanjing, China
4 3rd Technical Working Group Meeting of ANTAM 24-27-May 30 Dhaka, Bangladesh
5 Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM) Regional Training on Quality Standards for Testing Stations 11-16-Sep 25 Nanning, China 
6 Seminar on Building Small HoldersĄ¯ Resilience under Climate Change
along Value Chain Management
18-20-Sep 50 Kunming, China
7 ReCAMA- Training and Study Tour for Agricultural Manufacturers and Distributors 18-28-Oct  40 Beijing, China
8 Agrievolution Alliance Summit 2017 25-26-Oct  500 Wuhan, China
9 3rd Member Meeting of Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific (ReCAMA) 27-Oct 100
10 Regional Training on Effective Utilization of Pesticides and Plant Protection Equipment in Asian Countries  23-31-Oct  15 Nanjing, China
11 Side Event at China Pavilion at COP23 ¨C Building SmallholdersĄ¯ Resilience to Climate Change Through South-South Cooperation 16-Nov 50 Bonn, Germany
12 Regional Database online workshop 30-Nov 15 Skype Meeting
13 4th ANTAM Annual meeting 22-24-Nov 50 Manila, the Philippines
14 Regional Workshop of Integrated Straw Management in Asia and the Pacific 13-Dec 50 Kathmandu, Nepal
15 The 5th Regional Forum on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization 12-14-Dec 40
16 13th Session of the CSAM Governing Council 13-Dec 15
17 2017 China International Conference of Sugarcane Mechanization 10-12-Dec 500 Laibin, China 




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