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Table of Contents

1. Opening Statement
by Joong-Wan Cho, Former Head, United Nations Asian and Pacific Centre for
Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (UNAPCAEM)¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­4

Session I Environmental Implications for Conservation Agriculture
2. The Potential of Conservation Agriculture for the Clean Development Mechanism
(A contracted study report by APCAEM)
Prepared by J. N. Tullberg¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­6
3. The Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Emissions of Nitrous Oxide
(A contracted study report by APCAEM)
Prepared by Huanwen Gao¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­26
4. The Impacts of Conservation Tillage on Atmosphere Warming, Dust Storm, and
Soil Deterioration in North China
by Huanwen Gao.¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­44
5. Devote Major Effects to Push the Application of Conservation Tillage in China
by Hengxin Liu and Qingdong Li¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­52
Session II Conservation Agriculture Techniques and Machinery
6. Degradation of Natural Resources and Measures for Mitigation
by Theodor Friedrich¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­59
7. Research and Development on Wheat No-tillage Seeders in Annual Double
Cropping System in Central China
by Hongwen Li, Huanwen Gao, Zonglu Yao, Wenying Li, Xuemin Zhang, Jin He,
and Hongliang Ma¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­73
8. Productivity and Sustainability Effects of Conservation Agriculture
by J. N. Tullberg¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­80
9. The Soil and Water Conservation Effects and Key Issues by Protective
Cultivation in the Loess Plateau
by Mingde Hao¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­89
10. Conservation Agriculture Increased Wheat Yields and Water Efficiency in the
Hexi Corridor, Gansu, China
by A. D. McHugh¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­98
11. Study on the Performance of Conservation Tillage Equipment in Wheat and
Maize Planting in Nepal
by Shreemat Shrestha¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­106
12. Study on Minimum Tillage with Water Saving Technology and Implement for
Paddy Field
by Chunlin Xu, Jiang Chu, Xiaodong Zhang, and Mingjin Li¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­114
13. Study on Maize Planting Technique of Wide/Narrow Alternation with High
by Wuren Liu, Hong Cheng, and Tiezhi Zhang¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­120
Session III Application and Extension Service of Conservation Agriculture
14. Effects of Controlled Traffic on Infiltration under Simulate Drainfall
by Yuxia Li¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­129
15. Strengthen the Construction of Technological Innovation Research Platform,
Ensure the Healthy Promotion of Chinese Conservation Tillage Technology
by Bingqiang Zhao¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­139
16. Driving Strategies and Mechanical Technologies for Conservation Agriculture in
the Republic of Korea
by In-Kyu Jung¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­142
17. Establishing a CT Lasting Effect Mechanism for Conservation Tillage
by Fang Xia and Yong Ma¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­155
18. The Role of Crop Protection Industry in Conservation Tillage Development in
by Jeff Yuet-fu Au¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­160
19. Research on the Technique of Conservation Tillage in Various Areas in Shanxi
by Zhanxing Han¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­169
20. Introduction of Conservation Agriculture Techniques in the Democratic People¡¯s
Republic of Korea
by Kyong Il Kim¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­173
21. The Prospects and Present Situation of Conservation Tillage in Shandong
by Zengjia Li and Tangyuan Ning¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­184
22. Development of Conservation Agriculture in Viet Nam
by Ngo Ngoc Anh¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­191
23. Research on the Mechanized Conservation Tillage for Oasis Irrigation District in
by Yongcheng Chen and Bin Hu¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­204
24. An Approach on the Practice and Development of Conservation Tillage in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
by Hongxing Wang and Ping Wan ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­210
25. The Expansion and Application of Conservation Tillage in Raised-Bed Planting
by Xuezhi Lei and Zhonghui Liang¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­215
Session IV Strategy and Policy for the Development of Conservation Agriculture
26. Conservation Agriculture Policy ¨C Perspective and Future Scope
by S. K. Tandon¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­226
27. Study on Irrigation Pattern in Conservation
by Jungui Ma¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­250
28. Carbon Dioxide Emissions after Application of Different Tillage Systems for
Loam in Northern China
by Lifeng Hu, Fu Chen, Xuemin Zhang, Lin Li, Wenying Li, N.J.Kuh, and Hongwen Li¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­255

29. Conclusions and Recommendations¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­264

1. Tentative Programme¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­269
2. List of Participants¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­275


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