The Fifth Session of the Technical Committee (TC) of UNAPCAEM & Expert Group Meeting on Application of Agricultural Machinery for Sustainable Agriculture in the Asia-Pacific Region

14-16 October 2009
Los Banos, the Philippines

List of Papers and Presentations

Agricultural Mechanization Development in the Philippines by Arnold R. Elepano, Arsenio N. Resurreccion, Delfin C. Suministrado, Victor A. Rodulfo, Jr. and Maria Victoria L. Larona, College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology, University of the Philippines Los Banos
(778kb)PPT, (203kb)Paper

Viet Nam:
Some Achievements on Agricultural Mechanization in Vietnam by Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet, Organization: Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Post-harvest Technology (VIAEP)
(5,371kb)PPT, (177kb)Paper

Agricultural Mechanization Development in Thailand by Viboon Thepent, Senior Agricultural Engineer and Anucit Chamsing, Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Department of Agriculture, Chatuchak
(16,982kb)PPT, (248kb)Paper

Sri Lanka:
Country Report by Mr. M.H.M.A. BANDARA, Chief Engineer, Farm Mechanization Research Centre, Department of Agriculture
(5,035kb)PPT, (275kb)Paper

Challenges of Agricultural Machinery Development in Nepal by Mr. Gautam Buddha MANANDHAR, Chief , Agriculture Engineering Research Division, Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC)
(2,986kb)PPT, (250kb)Paper

Republic of Korea:
Energy Saving Technology Development for Agricultural Machinery and the Greenhouse in Korea by Dr. Kyu-Hong CHOI, Director/Senior Researcher, Agricultural Safety Engineering Division, Department of Agricultural Engineering, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, 150 Suin-Ro, Gwonseon-Gu, Suwon, Kyeonggi-Do, 441-857, Republic of Korea
(8,436kb)PPT, (2,703kb)Paper

Mechanization R&D - technology generation for sustainable agriculture in Malaysia by Rukunudin, I. H. Mechanization and Automation Research Center, Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Malaysia
(1,479kb)PPT, (104kb)Paper

Country Report by Dr. Agung HENDRIADI, Head of Research Program Division, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Engineering Research and Development

Mechanization of Agriculture - Indian Scenario by Dr. SD KULKARNI, Project Director, SPU, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering
(29,535kb) PPT, (305kb)Paper

Agricultural Mechanization Development in China by Prof. Huanwen GAO, China Agriculture University
(16,947kb) PPT, (109kb)Paper

Agricultural Mechanization and Agricultural Development Strategies in Cambodia by Mr. Lay CHAO, Deputy Secretary General, National Committee for ESCAP
(8,375kb)PPT, (3,333kb)Paper

Farm Mechanization for Sustainable Agriculture in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects by Dr. MD. Shirzaul ISLAM, Chief Scientific Officer , FMP Eng. Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research institute
(12,291kb) PPT,(204kb)Paper


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