Online Meeting on Guideline for Development of a Regional Database on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific,30 November 2017


CSAM¡¯s initiative titled ¡®Regional Database on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization¡¯ aims to enhance the effectiveness of regional as well as national strategies for promoting sustainable agricultural mechanization by complementing and strengthening existing national databases, and improving the quality and quantity of comparable, timely and reliable data. CSAM has developed a draft ¡®Guideline for Development of a Regional Database on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Asia and the Pacific¡¯. The Guideline presents an overall framework to 1) provide key indicators pertaining to sustainable agricultural mechanization 2) provide classification of the identified indicators and group them into categories according to need 3) provide definitions, data samples and update frequency of the indicators, and 4) highlight how the identified indicators are linked to and can complement various SDG indicators.
On 30th November 2017, CSAM organized a series of 3 online (Skype) meetings wherein the draft Guideline Document was presented to members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of the Regional Database project. Each meeting lasted for approx. 1.5 hours. A total of 12 TWG members or their representatives from 10 countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand) took part and reviewed aspects related to the definitions of the indicators, format of data tables, and classification of the indicators.
The meetings achieved positive outcomes. The participants expressed their concurrence with the main elements of the Guideline and additionally provided useful comments which will be incorporated in the current draft to further enhance its quality and relevance.
Agenda for each meeting (Total time available - 90 minutes):
1. Introduction (5 min) ¨C Mr. Anshuman Varma (Programme Officer, CSAM) and Dr. Chan Chee Wan (Technical Expert, CSAM)
2. An overview on the Regional Database Guideline Document (15 min) ¨C Dr. Peeyush Soni, Technical Expert, CSAM
3. Discussion on the Definition of the indicators (15 min) - Dr. Peeyush Soni
4. Discussion on the Format table for indicators (15 min) - Dr. Peeyush Soni
5. Discussion on the various Categories of Indicator: Guideline document vs Survey (15 min) - Dr. Chan Chee Wan
6. Discussion on the Feedback from member countries (15 min) - Dr. Chan Chee Wan
7. Discussion on Cross boundaries database collection (10 min) ¨C Dr. Chan Chee Wan
8. Wrap up ¨C Mr. Anshuman Varma
Meeting Documents:

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