APCAEM launched Policy Brief research

A quarterly Policy Brief, launched for the first time by APCAEM, aims to promote knowledge networking and information sharing on key emerging issues related to the three thematic cluster programmes of APCAEM. The Policy Brief covers the cross-cutting themes in the mandated work programmes of the Centre. Practical policy recommendations and advice, strategic directions and action programmes are offered in the Policy Brief for agricultural policy makers and other stakeholders on key issues, as well as challenges and opportunities facing the dynamic Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the Centre will undertake policy synthesis and normative research and studies, linking and applying the major findings and outcomes of the research studies to capacity building and training for developing member countries at the project level.
The inaugural issue, entitled Environmentally-Sound Rural Economic Growth: Policy Implications and Options for Bioenergy and Sustainable Agricultural Development, was published in June 2007. Please click here to read and download the on-line version. The second issue, entitled Towards Conservation Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities, is scheduled to be published at the end of September 2007

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