Value-added Food Processing: the 6th China Food Exposition, 27-29 August 2008, Henan province of China



Mr. Amitava Mukherjee, Head of APCAEM addressing the opening

Mr. Mukherjee visits the Food Expo accompanied by Mr. Liu Mancang (first from right), Vice Governor of Henan province of China

The grand opening ceremony of the Food Expo
Meeting of Mr. Mukherjee with Mr. Liu, Vice Governor of Henan province
Mr. Amitava Mukherjee, Head of APCAEM, participated in the 6th China Food Exposition and delivered a congratulatory speech at the opening on 27 August 2008, on behalf of APCAEM and the group of diplomats who participated in the event. H. E. Mr. Liu Mancang, Vice Governor of Henan Province, addressed the opening to extend his warm welcome to more than 30,000 participants and visitors. Also present at the opening were Mr. He Jihai, President of China General Chamber of Commerce, H. E. Mr. Charles Madibo Wagidoso, Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda in China and other diplomats from the embassies of Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Fiji, Guinea, Omen and Cote Dí»Ivoire. The food exposition was held from 27-29 August 2008 in Luohe city, a major food processing base in Henan province of China.
During the exposition, Mr. Mukherjee visited Shineway Group Co. an agro-based large scale meat processing enterprise located in Luohe. Established in 1980s, the company has become the largest meat processing industry of China with a capacity of slaughtering 15 million heads of pigs and processing cooked meat products of more than one million tons per year. It has thus promoted the development of animal raising and animal feeding in the surrounding areas and provided job opportunities for more than 1.5 million rural farmers.
Shineway Group Co. has also demonstrated a model of promoting recycling economy. It has expanded its business from crop farming, livestock and poultry farming, fodder industry, slaughtering, meat processing, packaging and distribution, to biogas by utilizing the dung of animals, and power generation with biogas.

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