International Seminar on ICT Applications for Agriculture and Rural Industry and Agro-Based Enterprise Development 5-7 April 2004 Beijing, China


1.  Opening Remarks by Dr. Tapio Juokslahti, Director of UNAPCAEM

2. Presentations

  ,A brief Introduction to Information Network of APCAEM Project by YE Ge,YAN Chuliang
  ,Development of Agro-Informationization in China and Establishment of Information Network for UNAPCAEM by TIAN Zhaofeng
  ,An Introduction to The Project: Application Engineering Of Agricultural Expert System (AES) In China
  ,Country Report:Philippines Agricultural Engineering Technologies Information System by Dr. REYNALDO I. ACDA
  ,Agro-based Cooperative Enterprise in Korea: Current Status and Future Prospects by Pak Po-Hi
  ,United Nations Asian & Pacific Centre For Transfer Of Technology (APCTT)
  ,The Application of Information Technology in the Area of Rural Scientific Extension Service by DONG Haojun
  ,Application of GPS In Agricultural Information System (Chinese Version) by ZHANG Xiaochao
  ,Application of GPS In Agricultural Information System by ZHANG Xiaochao
  ,Agro-based Enterprise Development- Clustering Approach by Joong-Wan Cho,Ph.D
  ,Country Report:Information Technology in Agriculture by Er. Birendra Kumar Garg
  ,Utilizing of information in potato production by a-Lab Oy Ltd
  ,Development of Database and Establishment of Information Network for Agricultural Byproducts Processing by ZHANG Shuming,YAN Chuliang
  ,ICT Applications and Networking for Agro-chemicals and Fertilizers in Asia: Lessons from the FADINAP Experience by Edgar Dante
  ,Establishment and Application of a Database for Regional Resource and Environment Management by YU Zhenrong
  ,Challenges and Opportunities for ICT Applications in Rural Development by WANG Maohua
  ,Strategic Analysis on Networking and Digitizing of Agricultural Scientech Information (ASTI) in China - Selection of Strategy of "Information Across" &"Strengthening Country by Information" by Prof. MEI Fangquan
  ,Technology Assessment (TA) For Sustainable Development
  ,Bamboo Resources Utilization
  ,Issues And Strategies For Enhancing The Competitiveness Of SMEs In Procesing Of Horticultural Produce In Developing Countries Of Asia
  ,Country Report: Bangladesh,ICT Initiatives in Agriculture by Wais Kabir
  ,VoIP in Rural Areas
  ,Study on Remote Control via Internet in Greenhouse Environment by YU Haiye
  ,Info & E-govning by NING Jiajun 

3.Concluding Remarks

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