International Seminar on Enhancing the Extension of Conservation Agriculture Techniques in Asia and the Pacific
Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 24-26 October 2007

List of Presentations
List of Papers

(196kb) Productivity and Sustainability Effects of Conservation Agriculture
By Prof. J. N. TULLBERG, CTF Solutions and University of Queensland, Australia

(365kb) The Potential of Conservation Agriculture for the Clean Development Mechanism
By Prof. J. N. TULLBERG, CTF Solutions and University of Queensland, Australia

(221kb) Introduction of CA Techniques in DPR Korea
By Mr. Kyong Il KIM, Ministry of Agriculture, DPR Korea

(752kb) Degradation of Natural Resources and Measures for Mitigation
By Dr. Theodor FRIEDRICH, Senior Officer, Crop Production Systems Intensification, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome, Italy

(169kb) The Impacts of Conservation Tillage on Atmosphere Warming, Dust Storm and Soil Deterioration in North China
By Prof. Huanwen GAO, China Agricultural University

(217kb) Conservation Agriculture Policy ¨CPerspective and Future Scope
By Dr. S. K. TANDON, Assistant Director-General (Engg.), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), India

(154kb) Conservation Agriculture Increased Wheat Yields and Water Efficiency in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu, China
By Prof. A. D. MCHUGH et al, School of Land, Food and Crop Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia

(134kb) Study on Performance of Conservation Tillage Equipments in Wheat and Maize Planting in Nepal
By Mr. Shreemat SHRESTHA, Agricultural Engineering Division, Nepal Agriculture Research Council, Nepal

(431kb) Driving Strategies and Mechanical Technologies for Conservation Agriculture in the Republic of Korea
By Mr. In-Kyu JUNG, Researcher, National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea

(194kb) Development of Conservation Agriculture in Viet Nam
By Mr. Ngo Ngoc ANH, Viet Nam Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Post-harvest Technology, Viet Nam


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