"International Seminar on Enhancing Export Competitiveness of Asian Fruits" was held in Bangkok, Thailand 18-19 May 2006

International Seminar on Enhancing Export Competitiveness of Asian Fruits was successfully held from 18-19 May 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. The seminar was organized by the United Nations Asian and Pacific centre for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (APCAEM), and supported by the Trade and Investment Division (TID) of UNESCAP, and the Department of Agriculture of Thailand. Over 100 participants attended the seminar and expressed their concerns and perspectives of global fruits exports. Participants shared valuable experiences of the current fruits export situation in the region, potential market, and the state-of-art technology in modern fruits supply chain management.
The Group Discussion session on 19 May was the most important session. Discussion took place among the participants including staff members of ESCAP, APCAEM, and FAO regional office in Bangkok. On the basis of the discussion, participants formulated the necessary considerations, appropriate programmes for enhancing export competitiveness of Asian fruits by various agencies.
APCAEM intends to identify and demarcate its role in enhancing the competitiveness of Asian Fruits, and aims to play a proactive role in assisting its member countries in capacity building and catalyze the policy framework.
I. List of Papers
1.(164kb) Agri Supply Chain Management  by Toine TIMMERMANS
2.(164kb) Issues and Solutions of Fresh Fruit Export in India by Pitam CHANDRA(1) and Abhijit KAR(2)
8.(203kb) Fruit Production and Export of China by Xiuxin DENG
11.(204kb) Combining of Bacteriophage and G. Asaii Application to Reduce L. Monocytogenes on Honeydew Melon Pieces by  Yoonpyo HONG(1), Sun Tay CHOI(2),  Bong Hoon LEE(3), William S. CONWAY(4)
II. List of Presentations
(1056 Kb) Issues and Solutions of Fresh Fruit Export in Thailand  by Benjamas Ratanachinakorn
(765 Kb) Safety and Quality Assurance of Tropical Fruits by Benjamas Ratanachinakorn
(8058 Kb)Agri-supply Chain Management by Toine Timmermans
(6195 Kb) Fruit Production and Export in China by Xiuxin Deng
(142 Kb) Issues and Solutions of Fresh Fruits Export in India by Pitam Chandra & Abhijit Kar
(194 Kb) Presentation Summary  by Kyu-Hong CHOI
III. Others
1.  More photos, See UNAPCAEM Discussion Group

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